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Honda Daishin SEB7000Ha 發電機(大)

Honda Daishin SEB7000Ha 發電機(大)

Engine Brand  Honda
Engine ModelGX390
Engine Displacement   389 cc (cm3)
Engine Maximum Output  9.6kW / 13.0HP
Engine TypeAir Cooled, 4-cycle, OHV Gasoline Engine
Engine Oil Alert SystemStandard
Engine Ignition SystemTransistor (C.D.I.)
Engine StartCoil Start
Generator AlternatorSelf-Exciting, 2-Pole, Field Rotating Type, Single Phase
Voltage RegulatorAVR
AC Max. Output5.5kVA / 50Hz
AC Rated Output5.0kVA / 50Hz
Rated Voltage220V / 50Hz
DC Output12V-8.3A (Receptacle)
Rated Power Factor1 cosΦ
Pilot LampStandard 
Volt Meter Standard 
Fuel Tank Capacity 25 Liters
Continuous Operating Hours   9.0 Hours (100% Load) 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 685mm x 534mm x 509mm 
Dry Weight 82 kg 
  • Unit Price/event

    $2500 for 5 days

    (includes one Jerrycan of fuel)

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