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Welcome to Hong Kong's Ultimate Equipment Rental Service and House Party Supplier

The Pyjama Events Group services most of the large festivals in Hong Kong

and curates in-house exciting music & food events.

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Pyjama Party is our dedicated platform and team to service directly to individuals, groups of friends or families for house parties, birthdays, weddings and annual celebrations on a much more intimate scale. 

Cocktail Making

Search.  Click.  Order.  Delivered.

And so much more.

All with Pyjama Party

This site allows you to search, pick, choose and budget exactly what equipment and services you require.  Simply pay online or if you're still unsure contact us for advice and take advantage of our vast experience of having done this many many times before.

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How to order

Keyboard and Mouse
Phone Call

Online ordering

Click. Order.

Instant quote.

Delivered and Picked-up

Social Media

Contact us by WhatsApp & FaceBook

Helpful information to let us know before making your order

If ordering online through this website you can add to notes on the cart page

  • Date of event

  • Delivery time prefered (please allow a range from xxhrs to xxhrs)

  • Pick up time prefered after the party (please allow a range from xxhrs to xxhrs)  NOTE: rental charges are for 5 days, so we can deliver the day before and pick up one or two days after your party at no extra cost

  • Any difficulties for the delivery eg stairs, long distances from a parking place, can we bring our truck or should be by our van?

  • Contact person on-site for delivery and pick-up

  • If hiring staff what should they wear?  All in black for a formal dinner; or shorts and T-shirt for a summer's BBQ


Don’t Sweat It

It's a Party

Let's have fun!

Contact Us

Need to contact us about something? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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